About Gina:

I currently have 3 dogs. Brandy was raised from puppyhood. Jessie & Wally were adopted as adults and they came with several behavioral problems. Jessie & Wally are now very well behaved family members. I also have several parrots. At one time I have lived with 4 dogs, 2 cats, & several parrots, this group is usually referred to as “The Zoo.”

From 2007 to the present time I volunteer for a local rescue group; RSVP, Inc. (Responsible Solutions for Valued Pets).

I find great joy in volunteering for RSVP, Inc. RSVP takes dogs other local rescue groups will not; either the dogs are too old or have too many behavioral problems. RSVP is completely run by volunteers, we strive to work together to train these dogs & find them homes. Some dogs are only with RSVP for a few weeks & some are with us for however long it takes to find them the right forever home.

From October 2010 to the present time I also volunteer for my local shelter; Riverhead Animal Shelter.

I have always had a love of all animals. I choose to learn something from each animal that crosses my path. Some animals remind me of the importance of exercise, playtime, relax time, to keep to a schedule, to take a spur of the moment extra walk, to Laugh & to have Fun.

One of my favorite Quotes is by George Bernard Shaw;

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

Dogs for me are a forever reminder to Smile, Laugh, & PLAY!

“Anytime I am given the opportunity to help another dog stay in their home & out of a shelter, I am Grateful,” Gina Rizzo.

Saving one dog will change that dogs life forever.