It is all about the Dogs, We’ve made up a lot by Gina Rizzo

I am a fan of all dogs.  Anyone that knows me well knows I think all dogs deserve a second chance.  There are times dogs misbehave, yes.   In all the dogs I’ve encountered in the last 5 years many were the way they were because someone taught them to behave that way.

The dogs were well behaved or out of control because of no training; total neglect, too much love & no rules, no exercise, no affection, or no socialization.  I am always saddened that so many people can fall prey to what the news media believes we should think.

I could not have written this article better, so I will not try, please click on the link & read what Yonah Ward Grossman has said about one particular breed of dog.  Their lives have taken a negative change because of people.

Good bad or otherwise, we are either part of the solution or problem by what we say and do and by what we teach our children.  Please don’t punish a breed because of what some people have done to them.  As a volunteer for local rescue group & shelters I see so many & given the chance they are lovers with hearts of Gold.

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