Volunteer to Walk a Dog, even if you don’t live with one by Gina Rizzo

Unleash the Benefits of dog walking.  For a instant health boost, to put a smile on your face, a little pep in your step, walk a dog or your dog.  New research shows owning a dog enhances your overall health & well being.

Dogs are exercise machines & Best friends all rolled into one.  Walking a dog 45 minutes a day gives cardiovascular benefits & is a great way to relieve stress.  If you don’t share your life with a dog, volunteer with a local rescue group or volunteer at your local shelter.  There is never a shortage of friends in need of a walking partner.

Those of us who are involved in dog rescue have a saying, “Friends don’t let Friends walk alone, Companionship at it’s finest!”

So go, get ready to go for a walk with your 4 legged friend or someone else’s friend, your health will Thank YOU for it, Happy Walking…

What better way to get ready for summer & Happy Spring!

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