Be Kind by Gina Rizzo

Be Kind
Use positive methods to teach your dog what you expect of them. If you want them to respect you – earn it by being the kind of leader you would follow.

Prevention isn’t training, but it can help to get rid of unwanted behavior because you are not giving your dog an opportunity to practice it over & over.
Example: A woman contacted me about her lab mix chewing up her kitchen, literally. I suggested crating the dog while she was at work for now. The woman also was instructed to add regular exercise into the dog’s daily life. This was easy as she has a son who jogs several times a week. He didn’t take the dog with him prior because the dog always pulled. We worked on getting the pulling under control with some training. We added regular play sessions of find it & fetch. The dog was given something every day to chew while the owner was at work, to give him something added to do. Each day the dog has a regular routine of exercise, play time, & was positively reinforced for doing the right things. Over time the crate was left opened. The kitchen was no longer a way to get out the dogs frustration. The dog had been trying to tell the family something was wrong, but they didn’t understand. Now the family has a happy dog, a kitchen that by everyday standards is normal, & it will stay that way.

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